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30 min class ........................  $42.80

45 min class ........................  $59.92

Unlimited Package ......Call For Pricing

Fall Price list 


Drop in ..........................  $16.00+tx










Drop in Rate

One time payment

Per class ..........Call For Pricing

*contact for ballet pricing


Summer Session

9 weeks


Drop in: This option is available for almost any class in your level. It offers you flexibility and the opportunity to try out new classes. All classes are available to drop in unless highlighted in red. The class must be paid for prior to taking it.


Unlimited: Take as many classes in your level as you'd like. We've got one of the most affordable packages in town! **Includes our ICDC Ballet & Pointe program.


Summer Session: Payment due at registration or on May 20th, which ever comes first. Drop in rates remain the same during the summer session. 


ICDC Ballet Company:

 Pointe program (2 Ballet classes/month) - $275.00+tax/month


DANCER 1: 1st Class Pay 100%, 2nd Class 10% off, 3rd Class 15% off, 4th & 5th class 20% off

DANCER 2: 1st Class Pay 100%, 2nd Class 10% off, 3rd Class 15% off

DANCER 3: 1st Class Pay 100%, 2nd Class 10% Off, 3rd Class 15% off



  • ICDC Auto-Pay: All monthly classes will be charged on the 20th of the month prior. 

  • ICDC accepts monthly class payments via cash and check.  

  • ICDC offers flexibility for everyone.  We require our ICDC dancers to be enrolled for a minimum of 2 months.  If a dancer is enrolled during the month of November they must be enrolled in the month of December and if they are enrolled in the month of April they must be enrolled in the month of May

  • DROPPING A CLASS: If you need to drop from your class for any reason for a month or more, just let us know before the 15th of the month to avoid charges.  All you need to do is obtain a Drop/Change form from the front desk, fill it out and return it by the 15th of the month to avoid charges for the following month.  A dancer is not dropped or changed until you receive a confirmation email.  We can NOT accept drop forms via email. 

  • CHANGING A CLASS: If you would like to change your dancer to a new class, just stop by the front desk and pick up a Drop/change form, fill it out and return it to the front desk.  We will get your dancer changed into their new class they have requested and apply all applicable charges or credits. A dancer is not changed until you receive a confirmation email.  

  • ICDC Fall/Winter Session offers monthly payment options.  ICDC Summer Session offers a one time payment option, a second payment option can be made by request.

  • Due to any discrepancy, ICDC does not offer cash, check or charge refunds in any manner.  

  • In the event that accounts become more than 60 days overdue, your dancer will not be able to participate in class until the balance is current.

Additional Fees: 

A $30 registration fee will be charged on a yearly basis to all dancers. This fee gives all registered DDC dancers the option of participating in our Winter and Summer exhibitions.  

Spring Recital Fee $100

Recital Costumes (1) Per class $90

Tuition First Month Payment is due at time of registration.


$35 - Returned checks


$25 late fee for all accounts not paid by the 25th of each month

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